Our Cattle

Herd Bull:

SugarP Rufus acted as our herd bull from 2014-2018 and sired our current calves for sale. (He sold in 2018.)
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FF Just Precious
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FF Chanel
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FF Precious Fiona is FOR SALE
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Fairsing Precious Autumn is FOR SALE!
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,Fairsing Precious Bella
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Fairsing Cinnamon Sugar (bred by AI to Red Sonny 2018)
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Precious Dancer (Bred by AI to Rousseau 2018)
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Heifer Calves:

Fairsing Chanel’s Eva, Red Homozygous Polled A2/A2 born June 17, 2018

Fairsing Autumn’s Emma, Red Heterozygous Polled A1/A2 born December 4, 2018 (for Sale)

Yearling Bull:

Fairsing Bella’s Eddy,Red, Homozygous Polled A2/A2 Born May 22, 2018
(Dam Fairsing Precious Bella and SugarP Rufus)  For Sale!
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