Dexter Cattle for Sale

Fairsing Farm is proud to offer red polled Dexter Cattle for sale. Our goal is to select for the highest standard of the breed. A common way to refer to Dexter body types is either short legged or long legged, sometimes also described as “beef” type or “dairy” type. What we at Fairsing Farm are striving for is, what I think of as, a “balanced” type with an emphasis on a calm temperament. We have chosen to breed polled animals because we think that contributes to their docility.

We are happy to announce that all of the bulls born at Fairsing have been purchased for breeding purposes. Thank you to our fellow farmers for their support and dedication to seeing the perpetuation of this wonderful breed. Click Here for a list of cattle sold.


2018 May/June Calves for Sale:

Fiona’s Ella, Red Heterozygous polled, June 3, 2018 SOLD!
Precious’ Erin, Red Heterozygous polled, May 31, 2018 SOLD!


Cows for Sale:

Fairsing Precious Autumn

Autumn is a Red, heterozygous polled Dexter cow. She is carrying a calf sired by SugarP Rufus due in November.

ADCA # 036886

PHA and Chondro free


D.O.B. 10/11/2014

$1,800 OBO

Autumn was born on Fairsing Farm. Her dam is FF Just Precious and sired by Belle Fourche Mr. Right.
Her first calf was Fairsing Autumn’s Duke sired by Sugar P Rufus:
Duke, Red heterozygous polled, A1/A2, June 1, 2017








FF Precious Fiona 

ADCA# 032639

Fiona is a Red, dehorned Dexter cow. She has been bred to Fairsing Chanel’s Dutch (August 2018).

PHA and Chondro free

D.O.B. 06/10/13

$1,800 OBO

She was bred by Warren and Sally Coad of Freedom Farm.

She’s had three calves born on Fairsing Farm all sired by SugarP Rufus
Fairsing Lord Baltimore, Red Heterozygous polled, August 2015
Danny Boy, Red Heterozygous polled, May 2017
Ella, Red Heterozygous polled, June 3, 2018 


Yearling Bull SOLD!

Fairsing Chanel’s Dutch born June 3, 2017 

ADCA #041916

His dam is FF Chanel and his sire is SugarP Rufus, field bred and born on the farm.

He is a red, homozygous polled with milk protein A1/A2

PHA and Chondro free

D.O.B. 6/3/17

$2000 OBO



For more information, please contact Mark @ 607-652-2167




Herd Bull SugarP Rufus is SOLD! Spring 2018

Mark presents Lord Baltimore and Buster (SOLD FALL 2016).

Sugar Buster SOLD 2016! Thank you to Chris and Katie Davis!








Fairsing Sugar Buster (photo from July 2016)

ADCA# 038326

Buster is a handsome even tempered young bull calf. Well balanced.

His dam and sire are both on the farm: FF Chanel and SugarP Rufus

He is red, heterozygous polled with a milk protein A2/A2

PHA and Chondro free

D.O.B. 09/08/15



Fairsing Lord Baltimore IS SOLD 2016! Thank you to Mike and Priscilla Maloy of  Maloy Valley Farm!


Fairsing Lord Baltimore (photo from April 2016)

ADCA Registration 038212

Baltimore is a handsome young fellow here shown at the feeder. He is wearing his winter coat. His dam and sire are both calm and very well put together: Barbie and SugarP Rufus.

He is red, heterozygous polled and milk protein is A1/A2

PHA and Chondro Free

D.O.B. 08/23/15




Adam is homozygous (Pc/Pc) red polled. He is a non-carrier of Chondrodysplasis as well as being a non-carrier of PHA. He was born October 14, 2014. His Beta Casein is A1/A1. His Kappa Casein is A/B and is Beta Lactoglobulin is A/B. His dam Barbie Doll is nicely straight legged with well placed teats.