Fairsing Farm

Fairsing Farm is the fruit of a more than four-decade-old dream. In 1974 we purchased 37 acres of beautiful bare land. Over the intervening years, mostly during summer vacations, we have built our longed for small farm here in the northern Catskill Mountains. Now that I have retired and we have moved on to the farm full-time, we can devote our energies in a more focused way.

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Dexter Cattle for Sale

Fairsing Farm is proud to offer red polled Dexter Cattle for sale. Our goal is to select for the highest standard of the breed. A common way to refer to Dexter body types is either short legged or long legged, sometimes also described as “beef” type or “dairy” type. What we at Fairsing Farm are striving for is, what I think of as, a “balanced” type with an emphasis on a calm temperament. We have chosen to breed polled animals because we think that contributes to their docility.

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Mark’s Ruminations

Fairsing Videos